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Dhudiya Music Publishing

Dhudiya Music Publishing


Dhudiya Music Publishing

Dhudiya Music Publishing(DMP), the global music publishing company of Dhudiya Entertainment, is home to a wide array of legendary songwriters and a rich catalog of contemporary hits and influential standards. DMP provides deep expertise across a range of creative services and the most innovative opportunities for songwriters and copyright holders


Music Publishing

Neighbouring Rights

Every penny adds up. As the largest Neighbouring Rights administrator in the world, we combine innovative technology and our direct relationships with collection societies to pay significantly more to our creators and labels.

Mechanical Royalties

Licensing, auditing, researching, sound recording identification and administration of interactive streaming mechanical royalties in the World for songwriters/publishers. It gets its music publishing members accurately paid from YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Rhapsody, Beats, Amazon Prime and other interactive streaming services. We license, police, research, audit, collect and distribute "interactive" streaming mechanical royalties.


Our experienced staff works across borders to find the best partners for our talented creators. We pitch and license songs for high-profile use in advertising, films, TV, games, and more


DMP’s commitment to service applies not just to writers and artists, but to music users too. We aim to be the most responsive, most innovative licensor of music rights in the business.

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